Warhammer 40K RUMORS: Astra Militarum Hello and Goodbye

There are new rumors about Astra Militarum – some units say hello and some old ones say goodbye!

The IG have had a long deplorable 8th and 9th edition. Abe has been beside herself with grief for years. But apparently towards the end of the 9th edition codexes or perhaps the very last one, perhaps it was only a matter of time before rumors of Astra Militarum started trickling in.

Here’s the latest.

the rumors

We have three previous batches and a new one to catch up. The previous 3 are all kindly collected at B&C.

Party 1 (April 2022)

These come from Valrek and are about a month old:

  • Plastic / Re-moulded Kasrkin
  • Dorn (a tank) is sturdy, comes with lots of weapons (but can still change name!)
  • A new infantry kit, shifting to a more “veteran” theme, kind of like “the last sons of Cadia”
  • New commando squad
  • New Heavy Weapons Team
  • New Sentinels, which will be “Cawl-ified”, ie better technology?
  • New Headquarters/Commissioners/Generals

Party 2 (April 2022)

These come through Simply Warhammer who got it from a playtester (who has been right about several codexes before, including Aeldari)

  • Rogal Dorn Tank turns Toughness 9, also probably 15/16 wounds
  • Tank Commanders BS 4+ but Leman Russ turrets are plus one to hit and can fire outside combat
  • Deathstrikes revamped special firing mechanism, 3D3 lethal wounds to anything within 6cm and can fire 3 missiles
  • Get in the codex

batch 3 (April 2022)

These are coming from Reddit

  • A new Lord Solar in the book and that he’s going to ride something…

Party 4 (The newbies!)

These are from the GSC Discord (by way of B&C)

  • Veteran and Special Weapon Squads are gone from the book, and Infantry Squads lose access to Heavy Weapons but gain a second Special Weapon slot.
  • You won’t be leading pure cadians (of course you could). You will be able to mix and match different regiments in one force.
  • It doesn’t matter to your army bonus that half is catachan and the other got, you still get your army dominion.
  • The only advantage of running, say a unit of catachan, is the use of a strat like “vicious traps”
  • In the enemy attack phase spend X cp When a unit is charged and in terrain, roll a d6 +1 if unit is catachan or guerrilla is +1 if unit has a melt mine +1 if cunning marbo is on battlefield
    • On a 2-5 the enemy unit takes d3 fatal injuries, on a 6+ the enemy unit takes 2d3 fatal injuries
  • The commando squad is now the hq
  • You don’t get individual characters leading
  • Field Regulation Battery Choices
    • Bombast field gun
    • Heavy welding cannon
    • Malleus rocket launcher
  • Scions’ range is now 24″ get the regimental bonus and also 6’s to score extra hits


This feels like a lot of lines of minutia. But the interesting thing is the addition of three new types of “Field Ordinance Battery Choices”. Combined with the new tanks mentioned in the earlier rumor series, it seems that GW is really pushing Astra Militarum to be the “many vehicles/guns” type rather than the infantry horde route. The loss of veterans and special weapons squads feels like the recent “No Model, No Rules” trend is picking up again.

Overall, this feels like a series of rumors streamlining the military’s infancy, the face of which has always been overly complicated due to how crappy the individual models were, as they opened up lots of new firepower kits to blow the bad guys away. Not a bad big screen concept for an army that is arguably the weakest in the game. I have no problem positioning the Astra Militarum as the “greatest guns” faction.

If there’s an army that desperately needs a total makeover, it’s Astra Militarum!


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