‘We are going through a process’

The ongoing quest to discover who will play for the New England Patriots came no closer to a solid answer after the first game of the Patriots’ preseason.

Bill Belichick split offensive play-calling duties between Matt Patricia and Joe Judge in Thursday night’s 23-21 loss to the New York Giants. Patricia called plays when Brian Hoyer was center stage for the first two series. Then Judge took over when rookie Bailey Zappe came into the game.

“I thought it would be a good opportunity for us to do that,” Belichick said of giving both men playing opportunities in the preseason opener via the team’s official transcript.

On some level, it feels like Belichick is just messing with the media right now. With reporters and fans all clamoring to know who will replace Josh McDaniels as offensive coordinator and play-caller, Belichick continues to play cat and mouse.

“We’re going through a process. Just like everything else on this team,” he said.

Not knowing Belichick’s plan wouldn’t raise such eyebrows if everything was in line with the offense. But given the reported struggles in the camp and the fact that neither Patricia nor Judge is a former offensive coach, it makes the situation all the more curious.

When asked if he knows who would call the players once the regular season started, Belichick replied: “Yeah, don’t worry about that. We’ll work it out.”

Players also don’t worry about who is submitting the plays.

“I mean, I just listened to my helmet and shouted the piece that was said to me, so whether it’s Matt or Joe or whoever it is I’m not worried – I’m worried about what defense they’re on, how we’re going to perform the piece,” Hoyer said.

With Patricia and Judge each playing a calling, the mystery in Foxborough will continue.

Reporters tried their hardest to get something out of Belichick on Thursday night. Some of the back and forth at the end of the press conference:

Q: You mentioned earlier that you are going through a process with the offensive play caller. What to see –

BB: “I don’t need to see anything, we’re just going through a process. It’s that simple.”

Q: It’s just a bit of an unusual situation for us that you’ve seen before –

BB: “What do you want me to do?”

Q: I think we’re just looking for a little clarity about why we see what we see.

BB: “Great. Yes. I’m going through a process.”

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