Wedding reservations and costs will rise in 2022 following COVID-19 postponements
Wedding reservations and costs will rise in 2022 following COVID-19 postponements

Wedding reservations and costs will rise in 2022 following COVID-19 postponements

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) – From something blue to “I do”, couples who book their dream place should not only start planning earlier, but also save more for their big day.

After being forced to cancel due to the pandemic, many couples are being geared to go down the aisle this year.

But with the greater demand, there is more competition for wedding dates and venues.

“It’s risen dramatically this year, so we’re pretty much up to our levels before COVID-19 right now and getting busier,” said La Mariposa’s general manager Steve Brennan.

The wedding bells are ringing a lot more this year. Brennan says they moved about 75 weddings planned during the pandemic. Next Saturday is their last, reshuffled COVID wedding.

Meanwhile, new reservations are through the roof.

“If you want a Saturday, it’s like a year and a half. I already have people calling 2024. We really have not started booking 2024 because we really can not predict the cost of food and the like, so we are waiting for 2024. But we book a lot of 2023 events, and it fills up pretty quickly up, ”he said. .

Brennan says they have had to hire new staff to help deal with the increase. One of the new employees is Kacie Jacka, event manager at La Mariposa.

“We’re just getting so busy because everything came to a standstill here in 2020 because of the pandemic and now we’re in the recovery season of it and we’re just booking weddings left and right,” Jacka said.

She says she gets anywhere from 50-100 calls a week for new bookings.

Sheila Millette, owner of Kingan Gardens, says the supply chain and gas prices are driving up wedding prices.

“Everything we use to deliver to our venue, from toilet paper, paper towels, plastic items, food, everything we use to the venue, has increased,” she explained.

Although weekends are typically the most desired days for weddings, Kingan Gardens offers their venues for engaged couples every day of the week. She says that weekdays also book quickly. They have had to increase their costs around $ 600 per. wedding, but if you book during the week, you will be able to save a little.

“If they love the place, most of them will switch to another day. We do Monday to Sunday, so we do all days of the week, and we give discounts on weekdays, so even if their heart was set on a Saturday in November, they sometimes take a Thursday or a Monday just to be able to do that, “she said.

Millette’s advice for couples looking to get married is to be flexible and choose a date and venue as soon as possible.

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