Weekly Covid-19 death toll in El Paso rises to 30, with 3 victims in their 20s – Community News

Weekly Covid-19 death toll in El Paso rises to 30, with 3 victims in their 20s

EL PASO, Texas — There were 30 El Pasoans who died of Covid-19 in the past week, the El Paso Department of Public Health announced Monday afternoon, marking a threefold increase in the number of coronavirus fatalities from the previous week , when there were only nine. .

Officials said 29 of the latest victims had underlying health conditions and eight were breakthrough deaths; the youngest of the deceased were three victims in their twenties and the full list of victims includes:

The total number of breakthrough deaths involving the vaccinees now stands at 47, and the cumulative count of all Covid deaths during the pandemic in El Paso County stands at 2,902.

Meanwhile, 4,069 new virus cases were reported in El Paso County last week, of which 1,443 were breakthrough infections. Officials did not point to any new cases of the highly contagious Delta strain; the total number of those cases remained at 20. No cases of the new Omicron variant have been reported either.

The number of active infections in El Paso County currently stands at 7,361.

Health officials advised that the number of El Pasoans believed to have recovered from the Covid-19 pandemic was 153,520. However, doctors say some recovered individuals still experience lasting health effects from a virus infection.

Complete data from the El Paso health department on Covid-19 can be found online at EPstrong.org.