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What is an Unlimited Social Security Card? How can I request it?

Your Citizen service number is used to identify and accurately record your employment and earnings history and allows you to claim various benefit programs.

In most cases, knowing your number is enough to get a job or take advantage of a government program, but you also had a Social Security Card. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has three types of cards it gives to recipients, two of which have certain work restrictions.

The unlimited social security card is issued only to U.S. citizens and people who have been lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence. The card has your name and social security number and you can work in the US without any restrictions.

How To Get Unlimited Social Security Card?

Given the sheer amount of freedom they give the owner to look for work in the US, getting an unlimited Social Security card is hugely important for job seekers.

To apply for the card, you must complete the SSA Form SS-5 and bring it along with the required documents to a Social Security office or Social Security card center. The form lists exactly what is needed for your application, but usually includes proof of age, identity, and citizenship or immigrant status.

An asylum (someone who has successfully applied for asylum status in the US and is already present in the country) can also apply for an unlimited social security card. Once asylum is granted, you must go to a Social Security office with proof of your non-citizenship in the US.

What Other Types of Social Security Cards Are There?

As mentioned, only one of the three Social Security cards is unlimited, meaning the other two impose restrictions on employment.

The second type of card shows the owner’s name and Social Security Number, but carries the restriction “ONLY FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS LICENCE” on the front. This means that the cardholder requires Department of Homeland Security approval before they can work, and only on a temporary basis.

The third of the Social Security cards has the text “NOT VALID FOR EMPLOYMENT” on the front which makes it quite clear that the holder is not authorized to work. These cards are issued to people from abroad who: admitted to the US, but not authorized by the DHS to work.

Recipients of these cards only get one if they need a Social Security number for a reason other than work, or to get benefits or service.