What the latest COVID-19 figures tell us
What the latest COVID-19 figures tell us

What the latest COVID-19 figures tell us

It’s a cold start to the week, with temperatures peaking in the low 30s today – a complete change from the spring-like temperatures we enjoyed 72 hours ago.

Today we unveil our brand new COVID-19 tracker, which breaks down what the latest data says about the pandemic in our region.

We also look at the local trans swimmer Lia Thomas and how she nurtures change. And to you Valentine’s Day lovers out there, we have Philly’s best places to go chocolate and flowers.

– Kerith Gabriel (@sprtswtr, [email protected])

If we compare cases of coronavirus with a wave, our region is currently experiencing the decline. Of course, the peaks and peaks have been affected by new varieties, vaccines, changes in the weather and changes in how we gather indoors.

Some numbers to consider:

  • 52%: The rate at which new cases have fallen in Philly over the past two weeks. It provides a moderate level of spread, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • 65%: The number of people registered as having received their first shot of the vaccine in Pennsylvania. It drops to 26% for those who have received boosters.

  • 4,844: The number of people killed by COVID-19 in Philadelphia since the start of the pandemic.

Our new tracker provides a look at the state of the pandemic across Pennsylvania, as well as in parts of New Jersey and Delaware. It includes:

📉 How cases have changed over time

📉 How are the area’s hospitals doing?

📉 Percentage of people vaccinated

📉 And how your county is in relation to the rest of the state.

Brought to you by a team of our journalists, data journalists and interactive designers, our new tracker is a real-time look at COVID-19 in Philly and wherever you live.

  • The saga between the city, the state and a major railway company over a dilapidated bridge in Southwest Philly.

  • The city of Philadelphia will introduce two programs that will distribute money to low-income residents no bindings.

  • The housing rights activist is currently at the center of one heated rental feud.

  • Four major takeaways from the landmark school funding case, the week-long hearing underway in Harrisburg.

  • This official at the Trevor Project says it’s time Pennsylvania banned LGBTQ conversion therapy.

  • Sixers center Joel Embiid is vying for the NBA’s scoring title and becoming its most valuable player – in the same season.

  • Patrick Feury, a well-known Main Line chef, died suddenly after one fall into his Paoli home.

As Penn swimmer Lia Thomas continues to make waves both in and out of the pool, it’s important to understand who she is and how her desire to be trans-a college athlete is causing a ripple effect in the NCAA.

Thomas, who has recorded the fastest women’s swim times in the nation women in two events, is at the center of a heated debate over transgender athletes.

Our reporter Ellie Rushing has a deep dive into who Lia Thomas is, her dominance as a college swimmer, the reaction from her supporters and the critics who say she has a unfair biological advantage.

“There is no history of black history.” These were the words of a local curriculum leader whose high school in South Jersey adopted the completion of an African-American history course as a prerequisite for the 2021 exam. The question of the day: Do you know which school district? Guess and so find the answer here.

one. Camden School District

b. Cherry Hill School District

c. West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District

🤣 Still the source of: This viral list of places and things that James Harden was allegedly discovered doing in Philly.

🤔 Wondering: If this security guard – mind you, on his first day on the job – really thought he would get away with pouring priceless museum art.

😡 Reading: This story about Fox 29 news anchor Karen Hepp, and it’s a reminder of how cruel, evil, and disgusting the internet can be.

Have a great start to your week, Philly. Until tomorrow … 👋🏽

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