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Stimulus Check

When can I expect my next COVID-19 stimulus check?

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — With the new Biden administration, a big question people are asking is: When will I receive my next COVID-19 stimulus check?

The money is on the way, but how fast are people getting it?

Since President Joe Biden signed the COVID-19 relief package, the $1,400 stimulus check could come any moment now. Some say it’s still not enough.

Help is still on the way.

US Senator Joe Manchin (d)

“Help is still on the way,” Senator Joe Manchin said.

A clear message from Senator Manchin that a few extra dollars will soon fall into people’s pockets.

“One is that it’s going to happen. I think Biden’s administration and people; they want it to happen next week. It won’t happen next week, but it should happen soon,” Senator Manchin said.

Some West Virginia residents say the government needs to see people struggle to get more financial aid.

“It is still not enough money. People no longer have a job. We’ve been working on this for a year. If you think $4,000, give or take, will really cover people who lose their entire livelihood, people businesses that close,” resident Martec Washington said.

The incentive checks must be sent in mid-March.

“We definitely need them by March 14. because unemployment is running out, so we’ll make sure your target date is between today and the day it’s likely to happen,” Senator Manchin said.

Even though the check is only $1,400, it’s still a step to help Americans get back on their feet.

“We value $1,400, but they need to do something to get things done. We need to roll out the vaccines faster to communities or colors, we need to make things happen,” Washington said.

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