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Stimulus Check

Where’s my third stimulus check?

The IRS says only the first and second stimulus payments have been completed. Some people may be waiting for a third stimulus payment of $1400.

NS. LOUIS — If you’re looking for your third stimulus check, you’re not alone.

Cynthia Lucchetta said she went to the IRS Payment Tracker and found she was eligible for the third $1400 stimulus payment — the problem is, that was months ago.

“I’d feel better if I knew that ‘Oh yes, so many other people have gotten the same thing, but I just can’t find anyone who got the same message,” Lucchetta said. “It’s very frustrating.”

There is an economic line of credit for payment and recovery discounts, and the IRS report says only the first and second payments have been completed. That leaves one to assume that the rollout for the third payment is still underway. The IRS website also states that if you didn’t get this third payment, it could be because your 2020 tax return is still pending. Widespread reporting shows nearly 8.5 million individual tax returns are behind schedule due to the pandemic.

The IRS hotline is 1-800-919-9835. When you call, a recording prompts you to listen to automated messages or wait to talk to a person. You must listen through the recorded content to connect to an agent.

There is also a chance that you can try to trace your payment. There is a 3911 form to complete and send to the IRS. It’s called the Taxpayer Refund Form. The IRS tells you to write “EIP3” at the top of the form – EIP stands for Economic Impact Payment. Fill out the form and when completing item 7 under section 1 make sure to check the “individual” box as the type of return. Then enter “2021” as the tax period. Do not write anything in the “Date archived” box. You must sign the form and if you are married, both spouses must sign.

The IRS says you don’t need to request a payment trail to find out if you qualify or to confirm the amount.

The IRS also states that if you don’t receive the stimulus, you can claim a chargeback discount on your next year’s tax return.

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