While US-China relations thaw under Biden, Beijing warns, “do not play Taiwan cards”
While US-China relations thaw under Biden, Beijing warns, “do not play Taiwan cards”

While US-China relations thaw under Biden, Beijing warns, “do not play Taiwan cards”

In the midst of an increase in Chinese military exercises and war missions near TaiwanBeijing has warned that it will not look favorably on any country seeking to play the “Taiwan card” to undermine China’s sovereignty.

“Some people in the United States are breaking the one-China commitment and keep stepping on the red line and playing the ‘Taiwan card’. The One-China principle is the cornerstone of the establishment and development of our diplomatic ties. to contain China by using the Taiwan issue will end in failure, ‚ÄĚChinese Deputy Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said in an interview with state broadcaster CGTN.

Even when China called the United States on the issue of Taiwan, relations between the two countries have begun to thaw under the Biden administration, which is rebuilding communication channels contrary to the Trump regime’s belligerent stance.

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For example, Le Yucheng said a group has been set up to discuss disputes with Washington ahead of a video conference between President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Joe Biden.

“Dialogue and cooperation are indispensable, and confrontation and conflict will not lead us anywhere,” he said, adding that the group has already “made some progress”.


Le Yucheng said economic cooperation and trade are vital to China’s and US mutual interests, and any setback would be fundamentally damaging. He cited the trade war between the two countries that erupted under the Trump administration, saying it had hit the U.S. economy hard.

“We hope the US government will really change its course and work with business to make economic cooperation and trade an ‘icebreaker’ in China-US relations,” he said.

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China’s Deputy Foreign Minister noted that the newfound three-way security pact between Australia, Britain and the United States poses serious risks to regional peace and could cause a nuclear disaster.

“First of all, it triggers the risk of nuclear proliferation, seriously violates the spirit of the Non-Proliferation Treaty and damages the South Pacific nuclear-free zone. At the same time, AUKUS aims to seek maritime hegemony. It sets in motion the arms race in the region. ,” he said.

Le Yucheng rejected the claim that the AUKUS was created to counter China’s growing military presence, especially in the South China Sea, and said: “On the one hand, the United States and the United States are using sanctions to deter other countries from developing uranium enrichment technology. “On the other hand, they are obviously equipping Australia with nuclear-powered submarines. They issued ‘China assertion’ as an excuse, but that cannot cover up their double standards.”

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“President Joe Biden said the United States is not looking for a new Cold War or a divided world. But at the same time, the United States has moved to gather the AUKUS, upgrade the Quad and improve the Five Eyes. This is nothing but the same old Cold War approach,” Remarked Le Yucheng.

He further claimed that the United States was building small blocks and playing zero-sum games in geopolitics.

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