Who can get it and who is eligible for another booster
Who can get it and who is eligible for another booster

Who can get it and who is eligible for another booster

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – COVID-19 cases are on the rise in Greene County, and many are wondering when to get their booster, or whether to get a new booster.

Local experts in Springfield say you should get the booster as soon as you are eligible, five weeks after your second dose. As As for another booster, it is only available for immunocompromised and aged 50 and up.

“We recently received approval for boosters for children ages five to 11, which came on the recommendation of the CDC,” said Whitney Naan of the Springfield Greene County Health Department. “Anyone who is eligible and needs that booster dose should come to one of our clinics and be vaccinated,”

There is also talk that the FDA may release a new COVID-19 vaccine this fall, prompting many to wonder if they should wait to get the booster.

“Honestly, it’s best to get what you can when you can, and not wait for something that may or may not actually be approved,” said Becky Kurth, pharmacist. “The booster is no different than the first shot or second shot, and it gives your immune system what it needs to keep working and keep fighting.”

Springfield-Greene County Health Department says cases have increased by 15% compared to last week, so be aware as we head into Memorial Day weekend.

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