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Stimulus Check

Who will get a stimulus check and when will they come? Answered.

ATLANTA — After the stimulus package was legally signed, 11Alive began receiving emails from viewers asking questions. So we reached out to financial expert Andrew Poulos to get the answers.

Who is eligible?

Poulos: “Anyone who has an individual income of $75,000 or less, or $150,000 or less in the household, is eligible for direct payments.”

Do I have to sign up or apply to get a check?

The answer is no: The IRS already has what they need when filing your taxes.

Poulos: “It’s automatic based on income, so the IRS will sort through the parameters based on income requirements.”

How much is paid for each person living in the house?

Poulos: “This time they made it a flat fee of $600 for everyone; so if you’re married and you apply together, it’s $1200, $600 per person, then $600 per child.”

Will I get a bigger check now that the House has approved a $2,000 payment?

Poulos: “So it has been passed with enough votes to get into the Senate, but that does mean that the Senate must or will vote.”

How soon will I receive my check?

Probably not until late January or early February.

Poulos: “Actually it’s a holiday week now. Last week and this week and we’re going into the new year. The IRS usually closes this time of year to do maintenance and get ready for tax season.”

What happens if I have changed my address since the last stimulus payment?

Direct deposit takes that worry away, but if you haven’t already arranged that, you can change it online.

Poulos: “You may need to make a change of address with IRS. You go to IRS.GOV and then search for a change of address – of course that might take a while because it has to be processed.”

Is there still a payment on the way after this?

Poulos: “Right now the bill has been signed. But what we could see is a new bill coming up in a few weeks with a higher stimulus payment of $2,000.”

Can this check be garnished for child support arrears?

Poulos: “I suspect that such a direct payment probably qualifies for attachment of child support that is not current.”

Can inmates who have been in prison for years get an incentive check?

The answer is no. To qualify for this, you should have worked last year and filed an income tax return, and if you’ve been in detention for years, you didn’t.

If I got a check earlier this year and didn’t get it, what should I do?

Poulos: “The IRS has told us it will match your tax return and you will get it as part of your refund for the 2020 tax season when you file the return.”

To do this, go to the IRS Economic Impact Payment to request a recovery discount if you qualified for the previous stimulus but never received it.