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Why Braunwyn Windham Is Not Living With Her Husband Sean Burke? Read More To Know

Braunwyn Windham

Braunwyn Windham burke recently talked about her marriage and also revealed shocking news. However, during an interview, she said that her husband, Sean Burke, is not willing to live with her.

Here’s How Braunwyn Windham Showcased Her New House To Zima

Windham who is the star of Real Housewives of Orange Country show, officially confirmed during the Entertainment Tonight. The general discussion began when the hosts gave each correspondent Lauren Zima a tour of her new almost 8000 square foot of house.

She then showcased her large closet and also said that only she is allowed there. In response to this, Zima said that it’s quite interesting because she only sees Windham clothes everywhere. Windham replied with No.

What Did Windham Replied When Zima Asked About Her Husband?

Zima then asked her whether her husband is living with her or not. Windham, who already has 7 children, replied to her that she is not living with her husband right now. She then said that they are taking their time to reconstruct what marriage is and not following antiquated rules.

Zima then asked her whether those kinds of decision are exciting or not. With this, Windham replied ‘So good’ back to back.

The correspondent of ET then asked Windham about the situation of the reality show. She then clearly puts up the questions about the TV star’s previous comments and Windham rules for her open marriage.

Windham replied that she would repeat it that she doesn’t have any other women in her life. Things went weird when Zima replied the same answer which Windham gave as a question. This made Windham smile and jokingly pointed back at the correspondent.

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Here’s The Real Reason Why Windham Is Not Living With Her Husband, Sean

The reports say that the real reason for Windham and her husband Burke happened because of her post about ‘co-parenting and divorce’. During the last month, she revealed about her family and also covered why her oldest daughter posted on Instagram by saying ‘F you mom’.

Windham gave a written statement that her family is asking for understanding while they work on their challenging circumstances. She also mentioned that almost 45 million people are experiencing mental health issues. She then referred back to her family and said that her family is facing the same issues.

With this, she wrote on her Instagram that she would reach out to fans when the time is right. Therefore, she requested all the people for their kindness and grace and also thanked the people for their support.

Surprisingly a week later, Windham and her husband Sean took a flight to Puerto Rico. Windham shared a steamy photo with her husband and also wrote that it’s a Modern Marriage.

Windham also talked to her show and said that she would return in the next season. She then said that she is not currently speaking with anyone else. She also said that when she goes through some changes like this, people start to feel uncomfortable around her.

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