Why might my direct deposit from Social Security be delayed?
Why might my direct deposit from Social Security be delayed?

Why might my direct deposit from Social Security be delayed?

If you are eligible and have applied for Social Security benefits (SS), expect to receive checks every month.

To ensure that benefits are distributed in a timely manner, the Social Security Administration (SSA) sends out various batches during the month. Payments are meant to get into people’s accounts on Wednesdays. But when your money reaches your account depends on your birthday. It means that recipients born earlier in the month, regardless of the specific month, will receive their payments before those born at the end of the month.

Scroll down to find out why your payment is late and what to do in each case.

When should I receive my SSI check?

The SSA office sends monthly payments that will arrive arranged based on your date of birth.

Payment arrivals based on date of birth

  • Born on the 1st to the 10th: Your payment should arrive on the second Wednesday of each month
  • Born 11th to 20th: Your payment should arrive on the third Wednesday of each month
  • Born 21st to 31st: Your payment should arrive on the fourth Wednesday of each month

Reasons why payments are often delayed

it is usually that your initial SS payment takes up to 90 days before an application is submitted. However, if you are a returning recipient and more than a week has passed since your distribution date, it will be considered a delay. But what could be the reason for a delay?

Your payment may be delayed for several reasons. The most common is that SSA office, responsible for issuing the payments is experiencing a slowdown in their process. In this case, the only thing to do is patiently wait until your check arrives.

Furthermore, another reason why your check arrives late may be related to you recently changed home or address and forgot to notify SSA office.

Also note that if you recently changed bank accounts you must also notify SSAas this can also delay your payment.

What should I do if my social security payment is delayed?

If you suspect that your check may have been stolen contact SSA immediately.

If your delay is due to one change in personal information such as bank account or address, call your local office or 1-800-772-1213 (MF 7.00-19.00)

For other delays, however, the SSA recommends that you wait three business days for your check to arrive, after that date you must call 1-800-772-1213 or visit your nearest SSA office.

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