Will North Carolinians soon receive a gas rebate check? | Veronica Charnell Media
Will North Carolinians soon receive a gas rebate check?  |  Veronica Charnell Media

Will North Carolinians soon receive a gas rebate check? | Veronica Charnell Media

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North Carolina still sits at $ 6.2 billion in surplus funds, and no one is talking about a gas rebate check

Governor Roy Cooper last month suggested how North Carolina should spend the surplus of $ 6.2 billion. Governor Cooper said the state needs to address areas such as building construction, educational inequalities, affordable housing and the retention of workers.

The governor revealed his recommendations to make adjustments to the second year by the two-year budget legislators, which were approved and signed last fall. It also includes higher salaries for government employees and teachers in addition to what the adopted budget already instructs.

State Sen. Michael Garrett (D-Greensboro) is one of three primary sponsors – along with Senator Dan Blue (D-Wake) and Senator Sydney Batch (D-Wake) – who submitted Senate Bill 897 last month. They propose that all licensed adult drivers in North Carolina receive $ 200 from the state to apply for rising gas prices.

They call the measure the Gas Tax Rebate Act of 2022 and said it can be funded by spending $ 1.3 billion of the approximately $ 4.241 billion in surplus revenue that the state has collected. So far, there have been no signs that the bill will be approved.

Today President Biden calls on Congress to suspend gas taxes for at least three months. If Congress approves of suspending the gas tax that consumers are forced to pay every time we visit a gas station. The Biden administration has provided various ways to help Americans in the midst of inflation. Will the North Carolina government offer assistance to its other taxpayers who face high gas and grocery prices on a daily basis? Or will North Carolina approve a larger amount of stimulus control similar to what other states have proposed?

According to AAA, North Carolina’s average gas price per. 06/22/22 is $ 4,594. Some economists say the inflation period will get worse before getting better due to the national supply shortage and rising grocery prices.

Who qualifies for a gas discount check?

The bill stipulates that in order to qualify for the rebate, a person must be a licensed driver resident in North Carolina and at least 18. per. March 31. If the bill is passed, it will enter into force on July 1, and the state will distribute the rebate per. no later than 1 Oct.

Remember, North Carolina drivers are also North Carolina voters. We’re a reflection of the phrase “We the people” are welcome to let your North Carolina House and Senate representatives know how beneficial the gas tax rebate will be to you if the bill is passed.

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