Will the parent continue to get their checks or will it end in December? | – Community News
Stimulus Check

Will the parent continue to get their checks or will it end in December? |

The Child Tax Credit Stimulus checks can be extended until 2022, which could qualify some parents for more payments.

The Extended Child Tax Credit allows payments of up to $3,600 per child, and the parents will receive the final monthly check, in December, unless the law changes.

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Most parents receive another round of payment in December of about $250-$300 for one child. This is the last incentive check that the families will receive this year.

And, unless lawmakers act, it could be the last coronavirus relief payment they’ve ever received.

Why could this be the last stimulus check in December?

When the American Rescue Plan Act was signed in March, much of the focus was on the $1,400 stimulus checks that would be delivered to the majority of Americans. However, the law was also responsible for creating the expanded child tax credit, which was actually worth more money to families.

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There was already a CTC incentive check on the books that allowed parents a check for up to $2.00 for each child, but only $1,400 of this amount could be refunded. Many people who needed it most couldn’t get the full amount.

These payments were also not made in monthly installments, and the parents claimed the credit when filing their tax returns, so oftentimes it simply offset a tax bill or made a slightly larger refund, rather than providing money year-round when families have the money. needed.

This extension of the Child Tax Credit Incentive Check is only in effect for one year, so the December 15 payment may be the last that families receive. Recently, however, Democrats passed legislation in the House of Representatives called the Build Back Better Act. This law would extend payments for an additional year.

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