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Will There Be A Superman-Batman Reunion In The New Movie? Here’s The Update

The shooting of ‘The Batman’ has been going on in Liverpool, even though the city is placed into the highest tier of lockdown.

Now, it also looks like a much sought-after and epic reunion may be in the cards for fans.

The reunion that is being hired at is none other but that of Batman and Superman.

However, before the fans could gush over the news on social media, things took a different turn as the reunion is not what it actually seemed to be.

The character of Superman that was spotted on set was not of Henry Cavill but someone who is part of a group of costumed extras who film scenes for a Halloween party.

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Further Update On The Batman And Superman Reunion

In the ongoing filming of ‘The Batman’, numerous extras were spotted heading onto the streets of Liverpool while adorning the epic superhero costumes.

Amongst them was one dressed as the legendary Superman.

The extra was seen with the iconic red cape and Hope brandished across this chest.

Sadly it wasn’t Henry Cavill in the outfit and so there is no chance of him reprising his role in the movie.

In his place, this young extra will be donning the costume to film the Halloween scenes.

Was Robert Pattinson Present In The Shooting Of This Scene? Will The Tier 3 Lockdown Hamper The Filming?

Source: Daily Mail

Robert Pattinson is the new face to play the role of ‘Batman’ or ‘Bruce Wayne’. He was nowhere to be seen during the filming of these scenes.

The actor was only seen on set that one time when he had to record the funeral scene of Gotham’s mayor.

Liverpool is now undergoing a Tier 3 lockdown.

This means there will be several restrictions in play which constitutes a ban on socialising with other households indoors and in private gardens.

Also, pubs and bars are to remain being closed.

But, as of yet, there is no hint of the film industry being affected by the new guidelines.

It must also be remembered that guidance provided by the British Film Commission hasn’t been updated since September.

The previous Wednesday brought the news that filming had finally started on the much-awaited movie.

Earlier the release date of the movie was pushed back to 2022 amidst fears over the global pandemic.

The movie will cost around £100 million and is expected to last for about a week with an estimate of 100 actors and crew. The entire cast and crew will be following strict quarantining rules during the entire shooting period.

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