With COVID-19 cases rising in Northland, hospitals are feeling an emotional toll – Community News

With COVID-19 cases rising in Northland, hospitals are feeling an emotional toll

Capacity is not the only problem that hospitals currently face. Because covid patients can only see their friends and family virtually, the hospital staff is extra burdened.

“This is the hardest it’s ever been for the staff and where I work in regards to the emotionality of it,” Strand said. “With the way this can be contracted and brought forward, it just adds an extra layer in regards to the loneliness the patients feel, the extra work the staff is doing trying to make that connection with that family.” to make. ”

This isolation is not limited to patients. While safety protocols are being followed at the hospital, Strand and other staff remain concerned.

“It touches me personally that sometimes I have to worry and isolate myself from my family and worry that I’ll get it and then I know I’m not able to provide the services to other people who might a need for the care and expertise that I and my team of people can provide,” Strand explains.

Strand takes extra security measures at home, especially when he is around his new granddaughter.

“Often, especially after a big week of work where I work quite a few days in a row and then I go to my new granddaughter, I feel a little obliged to wear a mask,” Strand said. “I feel obligated that maybe I shouldn’t go there. I believe I protect myself in the room as best I can with the isolation techniques needed to get in there, but I feel I still have a concern that I will bring that and cause suffering to the people where I love and what I care about.”

Just over two-thirds of Minnesota residents have received their first dose of the covid vaccine, and experts are encouraging others to get vaccinated.

“I have some frustration that some of this could be prevented if people do better social distancing and wear masks and follow vaccine recommendations,” Strand emphasized.

With the upcoming holidays in mind, extra caution is advised.

“You can know who you’re with and maybe their vaccination status and take some extra protection with masks and other things if you’re not sure about that or if you’re having those discussions,” Strand explained. “I don’t want to tell people how to live, but it may not be the best season to get together”

More information on the latest COVID cases, including the number of pending cases by province, can be found here.

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