Worcester County’s number of COVID-19 cases has risen 1,631 this week – Community News

Worcester County’s number of COVID-19 cases has risen 1,631 this week

New cases of the coronavirus rose sharply last week in both the state and Worcester County.

For the province, the total number of new cases last week was 1,631, a 30.8% increase from 1,247 reported the previous week. There were nine COVID-19-related deaths in Worcester County last week, down from 11 the week before.

During the pandemic, the province has reported 98,855 cases and 2,441 deaths.

Statewide, 11,801 new cases of COVID-19 were reported last week, a 23.5% increase from 9,558 reported the week before. Seventy-two Massachusetts residents died from COVID-19-related symptoms last week, down from 91 the week before.

Logan Hute, 9) shows off his sticker after receiving his COVID-19 vaccine at the Native Health Central clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, on Nov. 5.

During the pandemic, 873,281 Massachusetts residents tested positive for the coronavirus, and 19,159 died from the disease, data from Johns Hopkins University shows.

Massachusetts was ranked 29th among the states where the coronavirus spread the fastest per person, according to a USA TODAY Network analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University.

Last week, the number of coronavirus cases in the United States rose 11.5% from the week before, with 574,373 cases reported. With 2.07% of the country’s population, Massachusetts had 2.05% of cases in the country in the past week. Across the country, 30 states had more cases last week than the week before.