Xbox Game Pass Adds Surprisingly Fast Completion

Coffee Talk, the delightful visual novel that’s also quick to finish, has been added as a surprise to Xbox Game Pass.

If you missed Coffee Talk when it was given away in June 2020 as part of Games with Gold, you’re in luck! Coffee Talk is now available to play with Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Coffee Talk shadow falls in Xbox Game Pass

In Coffee Talk, you run a coffee shop and have to serve various drinks to the weird and wonderful residents of an alternative Seattle while listening to their stories. It’s a wonderfully relaxing game with a beautiful 90s anime-inspired art style. It’s also a quick finish if you’re willing to follow a walkthrough. completion estimate suggests you’ll need about four hours to unlock all 24 Coffee Talk achievements, but to do it during this time you’ll need to work through most of the dialogue and use TassieTigerDave’s well-received Coffee Talk walkthrough.

Microsoft hasn’t formally announced the addition of Coffee Talk to the service, though we expect it will with the second batch of Xbox Game Pass games in August.

Are you going to Coffee Talk? Have you already claimed it back when it was a Games with Gold title? Let us know!

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