Xi calls for US-China cooperation to end Ukraine conflict in video conference with Biden
Xi calls for US-China cooperation to end Ukraine conflict in video conference with Biden

Xi calls for US-China cooperation to end Ukraine conflict in video conference with Biden

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday told his US counterpart Joe Biden that the “Ukraine crisis” is not something “we want to see” and called for joint cooperation between the United States and China to assume “international responsibility” for world peace and tranquility. .

“The prevailing trend towards peace and development is facing serious challenges. The world is neither calm nor stable. The Ukraine crisis is not something we want to see. The events show once again that countries should not get to the point where they meet. the battlefield, ”Xi told Biden during a video conference, amid US criticism that China does not condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine given the close ties between Beijing and Moscow.

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“Conflict and confrontation are not in anyone’s interest, and peace and security are what the international community should value most,” Xi said of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

He also called for “China-Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet” ties between China and the United States, which were in turmoil over a number of issues.

“As permanent members of the UN Security Council and the world’s two leading economies, we must not only lead China-US relations forward on the right track,” he said.

Significantly, he also said that both countries “should also assume our share of international responsibility and work for world peace and tranquility”.

It is not clear whether he is calling for a joint initiative to end the Ukraine crisis, as there was no clarification on his comment.

The video summit took place after a meeting between China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi and US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan in Rome on Monday.

Ever since Russia launched military operations in Ukraine on February 24, China, a close ally of Moscow, has taken a fine line and refused to condemn it as an invasion.

On March 7, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at his annual press conference that the relationship between China and Russia is rooted in a clear logic of history and driven by a strong internal dynamic, and the friendship between the Chinese and Russian people is stone – solid.

“No matter how precarious and challenging the international situation may be, China and Russia will maintain strategic focus and steadily advance our comprehensive strategic coordination partnership for a new era,” he added.

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