Your letters: Ron Johnson’s position on Social Security is wrong

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Dear Editor,

I have worked for 45 years to earn a living for myself and my family. For decades I’ve paid to Social Security, putting money aside so that when I retired I could keep a roof over my head and food on the table. Like so many people in our state, I knew Social Security and Medicare would support me in the next phase of my life.

This month was dominated by the 87th anniversary of Social Security. Over the past 87 years, this program and Medicare have become overwhelmingly popular programs that millions of working people rely on. But while this anniversary should have been a celebration of this important program, it was instead a serious reminder that Republican politicians are pushing an agenda that would undermine Social Security. If Republican politicians have their way, they would cut funding for these programs and reduce the benefits that serve as a lifeline for seniors in our state.

Here in Wausau, it’s pretty clear that Ron Johnson doesn’t care about me or my fellow Wisconsinites who depend on these programs that we’ve spent decades on. In fact, Johnson has worked his entire career against Social Security. He has called this life-saving program a “Ponzi scheme” and supported legislation that would reduce funding for this program and for Medicare. After Johnson broke his two-term promise to serve another six years in office, he has once again stuck to the idea that Congress should be able to cut funding for these programs — meaning he would have to spend another six years. lives in fear of his attacks on social media. Safety.

The Senator’s disdain for Social Security is not a one-off — Republican politicians across the board have made it clear that the GOP’s agenda is steeped in anti-senior sentiment.

In Congress, the Republican Study Committee, which represents a majority of House Republicans — including Wisconsin’s own GOP legislators Tom Tiffany, Scott Fitzgerald, Glenn Grothman and Bryan Steil — unveiled their agenda to drastically change Social Security and health care. Reduce. And the single agenda proposed by Senate Republicans — introduced by the chairman of the National Senatorial Campaign Committee and praised by the chairman of the Republican National Commission — clearly places Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block.

It must be nice for multimillionaire Ron Johnson and his Republican colleagues not to have to worry about what will happen when they retire. This privileged nonchalance has left Ron Johnson and Republican politicians completely out of touch with millions of families in our state. After decades of attacks on seniors’ benefits, it’s abundantly clear that Republican politicians don’t care about working people.

Meanwhile, Democrats such as President Joe Biden and Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin are focused on passing bills to lower costs and strengthen Social Security. As Democrats take legislative victory after legislative victory and pass bills that will lower costs for people in our state, Republicans continue to pose a serious threat to seniors in Wisconsin.

That’s why, as we celebrate Social Security’s 87th anniversary, I’m more committed than ever to electing Democrats—because I know Social Security is on the agenda this fall. If seniors are to continue to celebrate this program, it is essential that Wisconsin voters fire Ron Johnson and elect Democrats up and down. We must hold Republican politicians accountable for betraying Wisconsin seniors – and that starts at the ballot box.

Nancy Stencil, Wausau

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